Hey, I'm Peter

A a full-stack marketer leader with 10 years of growth and product marketing experience helping start-ups and scale-ups across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the USA with new business generation, lifecycle management, and customer marketing.

Hey, I'm Peter

As a Full Stack Marketer with over 6 years of global product & digital marketing experience from the APAC, Europe and the USA, I help businesses launch profitable products and build effective sales funnels to acquire, retain & grow customers both online & offline.


My Projects In The Media


Integrated Marketing Strategies

My services will enable your brand to launch profitable products and leverage digital to promote it to all corners of the web.

Marketing Strategy

Creating powerful omni-channel sales funnels to increase traffic & conversions.

Product Marketing

Developing pricing, promotion and distribution strategies for successful product launches.

Digital Advertising

Launching campaigns and improving ROAS on Facebook, LinkedIn & Google.

Email Marketing

Nurturing leads with massively profitable email campaigns & automation.

Content Marketing

Leveraging the power of storytelling to create content that resonates with your audience and drives conversions.

Social Media

Create a following that consumes your content and purchases your products.

Marketing Automation

Complete digitalization and automation of marketing processes.


Why Work With Me?


Customer Focused

Optimizing every stage of the customer journey all the way from Awareness to Conversion & Retention with the transparent, customer-focused approach built on fundamentals of permission marketing.


Agile Marketing

As a result of working predominantly with small and medium businesses, my campaigns are optimized rapidly in order to minimize budget used while maximizing performance.


Global Mindset

With work and educational experience ranging from the US, Western and Eastern Europe all the way to Southeast Asia, I am quick to pick up the nuances of local markets and tailor strategies accordingly.


End-to-End Marketing Solutions

Product: From Concept to Launch

From market research & identifying customer pain points to conceptualizing, developing, positioning, pricing and successfully launching products on the market.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

I develop and execute strategies to attract and convert audiences using digital while working closely with sales teams to support and enable sales strategies. This is supplemented by retention strategies to maximize customer lifetime value and minimize customer churn.

Customer Journey Digitalization

No matter what stage of digitalization a business is in, I help companies transform all steps of their customer journey to a customer-centric, streamlined and trackable online experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization & UX

Identifying, eliminating and optimizing friction points that hinder performance or end-user experience at any stage of the customer journey is a key focus of my portfolio.


A Global Network

"Already highly-competent as a digital marketer, Peter showed an extraordinary ability to quickly learn, apply, & excel as we expanded his scope & responsibilities beyond digital marketing to the full spectrum of segment & business ownership. He adeptly translated market & customer data into customer insights that then drove propositions, products, & promotions. He stayed in tune with our customers, his internal stakeholders, & his leaders, responding to challenges & rapid market movements with maturity & deliberateness. With his strong business acumen, positive & driven attitude, & his exceptional openness & capacity to learn, Peter will be a valuable member & an able leader in any team. I know he is fondly missed in ours."

Jurist Francisco-Gamban

Chief Marketing Officer


Managed Me Indirectly


Staying Ahead

With the industry changing at a lighting pace, staying updated is key to success. That is why an ever expanding portfolio of certifications from industry-leading authorities as well as using the latest methodologies and most innovative marketing tools is critical to staying ahead of the competition.


See How I've Helped

From finding mutually beneficial solutions during a global pandemic for customers and businesses, to product launches and lead generation campaigns, see how I've helped companies thrive in their markets.


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