Life As We Knew It

Life as we knew it was in shambles when the outbreak of Covid-19 in March 2020 changed lives of people all over the world. While most people were desperately locked-down in their own homes, businesses were struggling to stay afloat.

However, thanks to a customer-focused marketing, ViewQwest was able to address the pain points of its customers, while protecting the company revenue stream.

ViewQwest is Souteast Asia’s fastest internet service provider from Singapore. In 2017, ViewQwest entered the Malaysian market as the first foreign ISP in the country, where it’s been growing as a premium ISP in the B2C sector ever since.


Losing Revenue Streams

During 2020’s global COVID19 pandemic, businesses across Malaysia struggled to survive. The government issued Movement Control Order, which severely limited freedom of movement of its citizens in an effort to combat the spread of the virus. As a result, along with other Internet Service Providers, ViewQwest was unable to send its engineers to install home fiber broadband for its new customers located exclusively in gated high-rise buildings, which denied access to any visitors and 3rd parties in compliance with the MCO. This effectively eliminated the company’s stream of new revenue.


Helping In The Time Of Need

The Movement Control Order changed the consumer behavior practically overnight. Suddenly, offices were vacant as employees were working from home, kids attended classes online and family entertainment became almost exclusively related to online content consumption. As such, home WiFi networks became overloaded and the internet speeds that were usually sufficient were suddenly not enough.

For this reason, after extensive research, I proposed to help our customers during this crisis by temporarily increasing their internet speed to a faster plan. This did not incur any additional costs to the company due to how network capacity works. During the Speed Boost period, an extensive email chain of reminders, benefit-highlights and surveys was sent out to the customers in order to keep them engaged. Before the expiry of the Movement Control Order and the complimentary speed upgrade, an offer to upgrade their speed permanently was sent out to the customers.


Free Temporary Speed Boost

Complimentary speed upgrade was provisioned to all customers.


Extensive Engagement

During the upgrade period, extensive email communication was established to emphasize benefits of the upgrade.


Offer To Keep The Speed

Shortly before the speed boost expiry, the customers were offered an option to keep the speed permanently.


Universal Acclaim

As the global pandemic brought a sudden change in consumer behavior, ViewQwest's clients grew accustomed to the increased speed and did not want to return to the old normal. The offer to upgrade enjoyed 18% conversion rate which resulted in 24% growth of recurring revenue from the customers who upgraded their speed permanently. Unsurprisingly, the customers were grateful for this complimentary upgrade program as their average satisfaction with the campaign was rated at 4.6/5 based on the survey taken.

The campaign was universally praised across the media.

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Conversion Rate

9% of customers chose to keep the upgraded speed.

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Recurring Revenue Growth

The upgrades resulted in a 24% average increase in recurring revenue from these cusotmers.


Average Satisfaction

Customers were thrilled about the program and praised the provider for the initiative.


Helping Each Other

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